A membership community focused on the advancement of top quality education. We are a global membership association, giving administrations and offerings to essential schools, advanced education institutions, professionals and individuals that offer these goals:

A guarantee to the foundation, maintenance and promotion of high quality  education to provide students, individuals and professionals with knowledge, skills and abilities to pursue their lives as successful global citizens and as leaders.

We’ve set our goal, by just collaborating with educational institutes that are centered on giving students projects and offerings that are keeping pace with the international standards. The organizations lacking must attempt external quality assurance to upgrade student’s learnings.

To accomplish this objective we offer different services to our clients and members:

MEMBERSHIP: QAHEE outshines as an excellent resource for students, teachers and other education providers. As a respective member of QAAHE whether you are seeking collaborative relation or pursuing accreditation, QAAHE’s membership is an essential for international success. QAAHE offers membership for Schools, Colleges and Universities which provides an ideal possibility for the member institutes to grow on a regional or global scale.

ACCREDITATION: Educational Institutes around the world look forward to enhance their credibility and increase in their regional or global recognition by improving the standard of education. They want to see their graduates working at reputed organizations. The possibility of getting recognized on a global scale is done when an educational institute is accredited by known and respectable accrediting bodies such as QAAHE.

CERTIFICATION: Countless professionals from all over the world and from different career paths have opted for QAAHE’s professional Certification. QAAHE offers certification in different fields of profession which adds weight to the professional career and the resume of the candidate which leads to better job options at multinational organizations around the world.

QAAHE includes a group of 1500+ schools, organizations and colleges spread in more than 112 Countries. Our expert accreditation & certification is acknowledged by every single prestigious business and scholarly foundations are held by 300,000+ fruitful working grown-ups, having beneficial outcomes in their enterprises.

After a couple of months of planning at QAAHE, we are pleased to announce the launch of our brand new website: www.QAAHE.org.

We have specifically intended the website to be simplistic and easy to navigate so that you can find the information you need quickly and easily.

We will be updating our blog to keep you up to date with all new things happening at QAAHE as well as regular articles about topics close to QAAHE’s heart! We will also be updating the news & events page with the latest work we have completed so please check back with us for updates!

Take the time to explore our new site, and if you have any questions about QAAHE and the work we do, we are only a click or a phone call away!

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