QAAHE being a membership community dedicated to the promotion of high quality education with its services like membership, accreditation and professional certification. QAAHE provides its services and offerings to schools, colleges, higher institutions, professionals and individuals.

QAAHE’s commitment to provide individuals and professionals with knowledge, skills and abilities to pursue their lives as successful global citizens and leaders.

Being the leader in the market of quality assurance agencies, QAAHE – Quality Assurance Association for Higher Education unites the best minds of the academic and professional world. QAAHE offers quality assurance and professional development services to various member organizations with many accredited institutes across the world.

How QAAHE Impacts a professional’s career?

QAAHE offers continuous support for the candidates throughout and after the certification program, due to sufficient experience of screening candidates with its transparent and clear process. QAAHE ensures that it supports its candidates throughout their professional careers and polish their competencies and respective skills.

With its diverse list of members and partners from all over the world helps the candidate expand his/her professional network for better perspectives.

QAAHE building stronger relations with its member institutes understanding their dedication towards maintaining high standards of education. QAAHE’s certification becomes a differentiator against competition during job interviews the competition is often stiff in multinational organizations and QAAHE’s professional certification puts you at an advantage. While it is said that “experience is the greatest teacher,” a certification “circles you out.” Often, experience is tough in some areas, but not in others. Like education, experience circles you out, giving exposure to concepts and approaches outside your comfort zone. In addition, being able to think outside your experience is an element of leadership.

Certification helps a professional to get his/her foot out of the door to a new area, for example; many career changers opt for certifications to move in to a position of greater responsibility. With the discipline to major the material for the professional certification QAAHE’s certified professional is in a better position to evaluate others skills. QAAHE’s certified professionals have reported the most important growths and perks they got after getting the certification –

  • Increased job security
  • Greater career Flexibility
  • Improves Marketability
  • Higher Salaries


Some useful facts about QAAHE’s certification as reported by the candidates include:

  • 90% of certified professionals are likely to be promoted than non-certified.
  • 89% of certified professionals feel they perform better than non-certified in similar roles.
  • 70% of Americans think it’s important to have a degree or be certified in order to get a good job.


There are numerous professional certifications available in QAAHE’s list for professionals working in almost every industry be it in the business, engineering, educational, legal or IT industry. Certification can be another way to improve your skill set to be recognized for your accomplishments. In a world of personal branding and marketing, any advantage that helps in landing/securing/ getting promoted from a job is worth the effort.

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